Dansaren Micahel står i ett gyllene ökenlandskap med armarna böjda bakom sig i en cirkel och sand strilande från sina händer.
7 March

Relaxed Performance: In Wind or Dust

Relaxed performance is for anyone who would benefit from a more relaxed theatre environment, welcoming all but especially persons with disabilities, and anyone new to visiting the theatre.

Greek choreographer duo Danae & Dionysios creates ‘In Wind or Dust’ . Unravelling itself within a dreamlike space inspired by Tibetan poet and environmental activist Kawa Niangji, ‘In Wind or Dust’ is a poetic journey in and out of the vibrant images of his poetry. Magical creatures are coming alive by the words he has left behind in a dusty notebook.

About Relaxed performance

'Relaxed performance' is a concept that suits anyone who prefers or needs a more flexible and relaxed performance experience.

It specifically welcomes disabled persons, but also welcomes anyone who is new or unused to being at the theatre or uncomfortable in a regular performance setting. You might have small babies or need to be able to move around or exit during the performance or exit frequently.

At a 'Relaxed Performance' there is an generous and relaxed attitude towards audience noise and movement in the auditorium. You are welcome to move around, dance, be vocal or just watch the performance.

As audience you have various seating options to choose from. You will find chairs, bean bags, pillows or options for sitting on the floor. All seats are placed on floor level. If you use a wheelchair, please select the price typ "Wheelchair" when buying a ticket so that we can accomodate you in the best way.

The performance's audio levels are softer to create a comfortable atmosphere.

Our open-door policy makes it easy for you to exit and enter the auditorium as you please during the performance. Gentle lighting will be consistently on in the auditorium to ensure you can enter and exit safely.

Before the performance begins there is a preshow meet and greet that may include a sharing of some of the more sensory elements of the performance. 

Everyone is most welcome and there is no right or wrong way to be an audience.


7 March
Skånes Dansteater
For all ages

"Relaxed performance is so ingenious in its simplicity! For us it's nice that it's explicitly stated that you can talk/sing, that's the most important thing. And it's always nice not to be the only family with disabilities in the audience."

—  Audience feedback from a 'Relaxed Performance'

"The very inviting and accepting atmosphere. My kid could see the dancers beforehand. So good because of fear of faces with make-up ... High class performance and our little flea now says she is going to be a dancer."

—  Audience feedback from a 'Relaxed Performance'
In Wind or Dust

Creative team

Creative Team


Danae & Dionysios

Set design

Efi Birba

Costume design

Martha Foka


Aaron Martin, Dag Rosenqvist

Lighting design

Jesper Berger

Poster photo

Lina Arvidsson, postproduktion Tobias Pettersson



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