Alejandra Benet

Alejandra Benet

Dance intern at Skånes Dansteater during the 2023/24 season.

During her internship Alejandra will perform in our production 'Mozart's Requiem' choreographed by Örjan Andersson among other things. She is an understudy in our new creation 'In Wind or Dust'.

Alejandra is a performance and dance artist, researcher, curator and pedagogue. Her belief in the interdisciplinarity of fields of knowledge, her genuine interest for learning, inquisitiveness and critical thinking have led her towards realizing all these diverse and mutually nourishing roles.

Alejandra has worked as a freelance artist creating her own work since 2021, exploring different and transdisciplinary formats in numerous pieces. Among them, the performance piece “Pas de Trois”, the lecture performance “Tracing Inter/Corporealities: Notes, Remains and Reinventions”, and the performance installation “Lekani”.

As dancer and performer, Alejandra has performed for and collaborated with dance companies and other artists from different disciplines: Claudia Bosse, Univ. Prof. Rose Breuss, Jianan Qu, Constantin Georgescu, Hugo Gomez-Chao, Marielle Morales, EBCDanza, Gerard Collins Dance Company, among others.

Alejandra is also an independent researcher on the field of dance with an MA in Movement Research from Anton Bruckner University in Linz, Austria. She has attended numerous dance research congresses and events, and has published research articles. She is currently an Previously she earned her BSc in International Politics in City University of London, when she started to research the intersection between disciplines of dance and politics.  

In addition, she also holds two postgraduate courses in Corporate Social Responsibility (by UNED), and in Digital Marketing (by ESIC Business&Marketing School). She is also a member of the Spanish Dance Research Association (D+I: Danza e Investigación). As a curator she collaborates with cultural centers, NGOs and art galleries in organizing performance events.

As a teacher, Alejandra has had an extensive international career since 2016. She is a GYROTONIC® licensed trainer, GYROKINESIS ® apprentice trainer, RAD Teacher and PBT Teacher. She is currently an MA student in Pedagogy in dance at Anton Bruckner University. And she also graduated from the Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies from the Royal Academy of Dance. 

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