Michael Marquez, dansare på Skånes Dansteater står i ett ökenlandskap och strilar sand mellan sina händer.
14 February

Open rehearsal: In Wind or Dust

Welcome behind the scenes of our new performance, meet the Greek choreographic duo Danae & Dionysios and the seven dancers in the peice.

What is the daily life of a dancer like? How is a dance performance created? Our open rehearsals allow you to get close to the artistic process where the components of the performance are tested, developed and refined, i.e. the everyday life of both choreographers and our dancers. Open rehearsal is not the finished performance, but a chance to follow the work behind the scenes.

Open rehearsal consists of about 45 minutes of rehearsals and ends with about 15 minutes of Q&A where you have the opportunity to ask the choreographers or our dancers questions about the upcoming performance 'In Wind or Dust' or their artistry. To secure your place you need to book a ticket, but the tickets are free. Please note that the rehearsal is held in English.

Young Greek choreographer duo Danae & Dionysios' new work 'In Wind or Dust' is a dreamlike dance experience full of power inspired by poet and environmentalist Kawa Niangji. A search for the most sacred quality of a human being, the love of life.

As artists, Danae & Dionysios explore movement and dance. The stage is also a platform where they share their thoughts and concerns about the environment and life on our planet. They encourage us to rethink our existence and connect with nature and all other living beings.

14 February
Skånes Dansteater
60 mins