In Wind or Dust
24 March – 24 March 2024

In Wind or Dust

In Wind or Dust is a poetic journey in the footsteps of an artist who devoted his life to observing nature and its beings in the mists of time.

Springing from the creative minds of choreographer duo Danae & Dionysios, based in Athens, Greece, and Artistic Directors of Small Axe dance company, comes a contemporary dance piece interlacing creatures and concepts of our inner and outer worlds.

Unravelling itself within a dreamlike space inspired by Tibetan poet and environmental activist Kawa Niangji, ‘In Wind or Dust’ is a poetic journey in and out of the vibrant images of his poetry. The urgency and need for human connection within a reality which keeps collapsing, the nostalgia of a past world and the instinctive strive for hopefulness are just some of the main axes of this young poet's craft. 

Danae & Dionysios together with the artistic team, attempt to dive into a universe filled with allegories and contradictions, creating a collage of ideas, a world between the lines of a dusty notebook.

Relaxed Performance

Please note that 'In Wind or Dust' is also performed as a 'Relaxed Performance' on March 7 for disabled audiences or anyone looking for a more relaxed theatre environment. For more information, please follow the event link below on this page.


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24 March  –  24 March 2024
Skånes Dansteater
Recommended from 12 years.
50 mins, no interval
Bild från föreställningen In Wind or Dust. Foto Mats Bäcker.
Bild från föreställningen In Wind or Dust. Foto Mats Bäcker.

Creative team


Danae & Dionysios

Set design

Efi Birba

Costume design

Martha Foka


Aaron Martin, Dag Rosenqvist

Lighting design

Jesper Berger

Poster photo

Lina Arvidsson, postproduktion Tobias Pettersson

Bild från föreställningen In Wind or Dust. Foto Mats Bäcker.

If one day I knock on your dream

at the break of dawn or deep in the quiet night,

do not reject me or push me out the door. 

Do not call me a stranger,

I've climbed over mountains and mountains

just to take a glance at you, in wind or dust.

—  Excerpt from 'If One Day' by Kawa Niangji (1989-2015)