Bild från föreställningen Vår Dag.

Vår Dag, trailer


Performance trailer of VÅR DAG, an immersive dance and art performance beyond the limits of the stage.

In VÅR DAG you meet four dancers, a sound installation collected and created in Skåne, the textile sculpture 'Water' and choreography created by Tina Tarpgaard. In an interactive meeting between you in the audience and the elements of the performance, VÅR DAG explores how we share experiences, tradition and knowledge and how it is exactly this that creates community.

Choreography: Tina Tarpgaard in collaboration with the dancers, inspired by persons living in Skåne.

Dancers: Pili Abaurrea Zardoya, Kit Brown, Samuel Denton, Laura Lohi.

Music: Lars Greve and Anders Bach Pedersen, inspired by persons living in Skåne.

Sculpture: Malin Bobeck Tadaa.

Lighting design: Peter Lundin. 

Costume design: Åsa Gjerstad.

Trailer: Mohave.

Tina Tarpgaard
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