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Behind the scenes of Tina Tarpgaard's new creation VÅR DAG.

For the creation of Skånes Dansteater's VÅR DAG (Our / Spring Day) choreographer Tina Tarpgaard and SKånes Dansteater's dancers have met people around Skåne who love to dance. With inspiration from these individuals and their love of dance VÅR DAG is created.

VÅR DAG is an art experience and a dance performance rolled into one. A vibrant space inhabited by light and darkness, movement and sound, vibration and sensation. Together with textile artist Malin Bobeck Tadaa's interactive installation Water and new compositions by Lars Greve, four dancers invite you to an immersive sensory dance performance when our surroundings are at their darkest and grayest.


Premiere: Nov 28, 2021, Skånes Dansteater. Performing until Dec 16 2021 and on tour in spring 2022.

Choreography: Tina Tarpgaard with inspiration from Skåne’s inhabitants.

Music: Lars Greve with inspiration from Skåne’s inhabitants.

Sculpture: Water, Malin Bobeck Tadaa.

Light design: Peter Lundin.

Costume design: Åsa Gjerstad.

Dancers: Maria Pilar Abaurrea Zardoya, Kit Brown, Samuel Denton, Laura Lohi.

Participating groups in the film: Hvilan Modern Dance Academy, Kulturcentrum Skåne, SWOP, Paulina Rosson – Dans och Rörelse 55+, Ringsjögillet, Dansföreningen Saltito - Hiphop avancerad.

Thank you also to: Sabar Sabar Rekk, Kulturskolan i Lund, Fryshuset i Malmö.

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