Bild från filmen Space Stood Still.
Dance film

Space Stood Still



The norm is constructed by a new set of rules. An unfamiliar environment, which cages us through distance and makes us confront our behaviour. A collective journey through opposites, where the playful character remains. A place where we all are catalysts.

Maria Pilar Abaurrea Zardoya, Tiemen Stemerding
Director of Photography, editor
Janssen Herr
Cassandra Arnmark
Dancers, co-creators
Maria Pilar Abaurrea Zardoya, Sarah Bellugi Klima, Line Branchereau, Matthew Branham, Jon Ipiña Aparicio, Anette Jellne, Dario Minoia, Ischa Statie, Tiemen Stemerding
Stage manager
Anna Jönsson
Lighting technician
Jens Johansson
Costume technician
Khira Fromark, Lena Jonsson
Project coordinators
Samuel Denton, Belinda Nusser
Production assistant
Sofie Pålsson
Artistic director
Mira Helenius Martinsson
Production year


During spring season 2020 cancelled premieres and performances gave way to new ideas. Dayglow began as pop-up-solos all over Malmö, created from home by the company dancers. These solos then transformed into courtyard performances for senior centres and private homes.

In May Dayglow had evolved further into a film project. Five films created by Skånes Dansteater’s dancers together with five filmmakers based in Skåne. A collaboration of two artforms during an ongoing corona pandemic. Expressing a wish to keep dancing as a dance company and never cease sharing experiences with the community.