Bild ur filmen Let Love In.
Dance film

Let Love In



Two dancers looking for a filmmaker and a song. A filmmaker and an artist looking for two dancers. Skånes Dansteater, Anna Brånhede and Big Fox were a perfect match. An effortless collaboration in which four creative humans found inspiration and understanding.

Charlotta Perers (Big Fox) about Let Love In:
”When I wrote this song, I desperately longed for connection, for openness. I thought a lot about the unsaid. All the words that I constantly avoided, held back, and how they slowly created a wall between me and others. As if I was under water, looking at the sun through the surface. Finally I realized that I was the one stopping myself. I think I wrote this song to push myself off that cliff. To let love in. ”

Jing Yi Wang, Riccardo Zandoná
Director of Photography
Anna Brånhede
Jing Yi Wang, Riccardo Zandoná.
Anna Brånhede, Charlotta Perers
Costume technician
Khira Fromark, Lena Jonsson
Project coordinators
Samuel Denton, Belinda Nusser
Production assistant
Sofie Pålsson
Let Love In, Big Fox, ℗ 2020 Hybris
Thank you
Fernando Melo, Nicholas Wakeham
Artistic director
Mira Helenius Martinsson
Production year


During spring season 2020 cancelled premieres and performances gave way to new ideas. Dayglow began as pop-up-solos all over Malmö, created from home by the company dancers. These solos then transformed into courtyard performances for senior centres and private homes.

In May Dayglow had evolved further into a film project. Five films created by Skånes Dansteater’s dancers together with five filmmakers based in Skåne. A collaboration of two artforms during an ongoing corona pandemic. Expressing a wish to keep dancing as a dance company and never cease sharing experiences with the community.