Bild från filmen Bread & Butter.
Dance film

Bread & Butter


A dance film created by Skånes Dansteater's dancer Samuel Denton and filmmaker Jesper Berg together with dancers Kit Brown, Laura Lohi and Maria Pilar Abaurrea Zardoya.

"I grew up in the north of England, home of the industrial revolution where the physical infrastructure of these times still manifests in the now empty and reappropriated factories and workshops. The landscape of my childhood, echoed here in the harbours of Malmö, drives home the point that we stand on the shoulders of the workers that went before us, their intense physicality and the uncomfortable cost of their manual labour. Their work still goes on - but now exported to faraway places; the drum of the factory sounds distant in our ears. '

Bread & Butter' is a heartfelt ode of thanks to those who have gone before us. The film in its essence is about care, resilience and the desire for connection. It is a contemporary reimagining of heritage, history and lost traditions so vital at one time, brought to life by the dancers compelling performances; and an invitation to pause and reflect on lost craft and to consider how, for many, this is a world of inescapable toil and physical expense for the benefit of others."
// Samuel Denton

Samuel Denton
Director of Photography
Jesper Berg
Pili Abaurrea Zardoya, Kit Brown, Laura Lohi
Jesper Berg, Samuel Denton
Stage managers
Anna Jönsson, Jesper Landegren
Lighting technician
Fredrik Gannby
Sound Technician
Felix Ramirez
Costume technician
Khira Fromark
Rehearsal director
Gwyn Emberton
Thank you
Abdiaziz Aden, Sanna Ekström Forsberg, Eva Hedblom, Teaterhögskolan Malmö, Sofie Pålsson, Wihlborgs