Fyra dansare i färglada hovdräkter dansar på ett färglatt golv. De böjer sig framåt med armarna öppna åt sidorna.
Workshops Kids & family
27 April

Feel it: The Game

Dance material from the performance 'The Game' before you see the show.

Feel It is a physical introduction to a dance performance. A short dance workshop, only 30 minutes, where you are introduced to the movement material in the performance you are about to see and learn more about the methods used by the dancers and choreographer in the creation of the performance.

Feel It welcomes all abilities, no previous dance experience is required. Feel It does require a ticket to the performance, but the workshop comes at no additional cost.


Since Feel It has a maximum number of participants pre-registration is required for taking part in the workshop.

Sign up via email to dialog@skanesdansteater.se or by phone 0703-44 58 11.

'Feel It: The Game' takes place at Skånes Dansteater.

About The Game

Workshops Kids & family
27 April
Skånes Dansteater
10-14 years
30 mins.