Bild från föreställningen The Dropouts
Bild från föreställningen The Dropouts.
Performances Kids & family
12 January – 20 January 2024

The Dropouts

Welcome to Skåne's most dangerous circus! 

It is not easy being in a circus. Usually, the ones doing the same old tricks, the same old way, are the ones who can join the crew and become artists. Those who think differently must leave and become something else. But not anymore!

Skåne's most dangerous circus has hired the most unusual talents and created a show where anything can happen. Isn’t it much more exciting to see the lion eating its tamer, the knife thrower piercing the assistant and the acrobat falling to the floor? In a real circus, it's not about being the best, but about being the bravest.

The Dropouts is created by norwegian choreographer Jo Strømgren.

Performances Kids & family
World premiere
4 March 2023
12 January  –  20 January 2024
Skånes Dansteater
Suitable for all audiences 10 years and above.
Ca. 50 mins, no interval

"Outrageous, gaudy and utterly wonderful and a celebration to look forward to."

—  Sydsvenskan

"There are no safety nets for neither the artists nor the audience, what happens happens."

—  Sydsvenskan

"Chaplin-esque slapstick, pantomime, nonsens dialogue and acrobatically elegant shorts are the ingredients. "

—  DN

"And it is the play with the stereotypes of circus and brutal, black humour that makes this family performance full of surprises."

—  DN
Bild från The Dropouts hösten 2023. Foto: Carl Johan Folkesson Karlidag.
Foto från dansföreställningen The Dropouts, 2023. Koreografi: Jo Strømgren.

Creative team


Jo Strømgren

Costume design

Bregje van Balen

Lighting design

Ludvig Uppman

Porträttbild på koreografen Jo Strömgren.

The best thing about the characters is they make mistakes
all the time, but continues anyway. The most important is not to impress, but to have
the courage to try something new.

—  Jo Strømgren, choreographer