Porträttbild på dansaren Tomáš Červinka.

Tomáš Červinka

Dancer at Skånes Dansteater since 2021.

Tomáš Červinka is a Czech dancer working internationally. In his childhood and adolescence, he devoted himself to Wallachian folklore dance culture; later he studied at the Dance Conservatory in Prague, where he graduated in 2007 with a degree of honor. During his studies, he gained professional experience in the ensemble Bohemia Ballet and Jiří Srnec Black Theater and he won the award for “the most original dancer” in the 2nd international competition in Brno.

In 2007–2012 he was a member of the Czech National Ballet in Prague. He participated in the company’s ballet 'Guru' as an assistant choreographer in 2014. He also worked as a guest dancer at the Czech National Opera.

Since 2010, he has been a member of the contemporary dance company Dekkadancers, as a dancer and choreographer. He worked as a teacher at The First International Ballet School in Prague and created the final performance of 'Peter and the Wolf'.

In 2012, Tomáš became a member of Lenka Vagnerová & Company and he earned the nomination of an international jury for the "Dancer of the Year" award for his performance in the company’s production 'Riders'.

In 2012–2014 he worked as a soloist with the Prague Chamber Ballet. He also took care of the visual appearance of video presentations of individual performances of the company. At the Summer Shakespeare Festival in the Czech Republic, he performed in the performance *Midsummer Night’s Dream'. In 2015, he joined Swedish contemporary dance company Norrdans as one of their company dancers.

In 2021 he joined the contemporary dance group 420PEOPLE and the new circus group Cirk La Putyka where he worked on the project 'Cesty' as a choreographer.

During his professional career, he regularly attends and teaches many workshops. In addition to dance, he is also interested in other artistic styles, sports, martial arts, physiotherapy and pedagogical activities.

As a dancer at Skånes Dansteater, Tomáš has been involved in productions such as 'The Dropouts', 'Going Steady', 'Once a Whisper' (part of 'Franzén/Nuutinen'), 'Wild Fellas' and 'Out of the Blue'.