Dansarna Samuel Denton och Jure Gostinčar i ljusblå och klargröna fladdriga kläder.
1 June – 11 July 2024


Dance under the summer skies, an outdoor dance performance for all ages.

Domino is a vibrant explosion of joy, magnificent costumes and live DJ. The choreography is created by Italian Erika Silgoner who in 2022 created the playful outdoor performance Wild Fellas for Skånes Dansteater. Now she's back with a new team and a unique dance performance dissolving the borders between the worlds of our imagination and reality.

In Domino you are surrounded by wonderous creatures and as the set design unfolds, an evocative and memorable coulourful world full of impressions is created. Everything comes to life to the heartbeat of the show's DJ and sound designer Tuomas Norvio.

Domino is a message of peace and joy, it's the desire to break down the barriers of mistrust and imagine a more inclusive world, in which coexistence is an asset.

Domino is performed outdoors June-July 2024 in Malmö and on tour in Sweden.

1 June  –  11 July 2024
Skånes Dansteater
For all ages
Approx 45 mins, no interval.

Creative team


Erika Silgoner


Tuomas Norvio

Costume design

Bregje van Balen

Set design

Theun Mosk

Poster photo

Klara G