Tre dansare i vita skjortor och beige byxor står på en vit scen och spelar trummor, bas och elgitarr allt vad de orkar.
Performances Kids & family
31 August

Danslördag: CARPE DIEM

'Carpe Diem ... or when is it too late to start a punk band' is a dance theatre performance for the whole family (ages 8 and up). About the courage to follow your dreams with S.O.J Scenkonstproduktion.

Seeking band members... Just putting the ad out would have been nerve-wracking. Three people who have all carried a dream that none of them dared to follow. Now their inner punk has had enough. It's now or never! It's time to start a band.

There is something deeply human in going through life dreaming of "something else". What happens when the dream becomes a reality? When it is dragged out into the light and pitted against the demands and expectations of the outside world - and, not least, one's own abilities?

Carpe Diem ... or when is it too late to start a punk band? moves in the borderland between dance, music and theatre with a large portion of humour. A performance with a high recognition factor for parents (and grandparents too!)

Language: Swedish

About S.O.J Scenkonstproduktion

S.O.J Scenkonstproduktion started in 2017 and consists of Sara Ekman, Ola Simonsson and Jonas Svensson. Three multi-skilled performing artists who like to move in the borderland between dance, theatre and music, often with a large portion of humour. They start from a clear theme that all three are inspired by and create choreography, text, direction, costumes and scenography together.

They have previously staged "Smashing", a loving look at the art of tennis (2017); “Med feeling för julkänsla” (With a feeling for Christmas), a look at Christmas and its traditions (2018); "Anchors away", a performance about archipelago dreams and longing for the sea (2020).


Performances Kids & family
31 August
Skånes Dansteater
From 8 years.
55 mins

"blissful rock poses"

—  Gefle Dagblad

"Rhythmic and fun dreams"

—  Danstidningen



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0-18 år

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