Två dansare i wutiga kostymer i ett moln av rostfärgat glitter.
29 April

Why Things Go Wrong

A guest performance on the underlying reason why when everything that was going right ... all of a sudden goes wrong. Performed by Czech dance company 420PEOPLE.


Everyone has probably experienced a situation where everything was going right until it all went wrong. Sometimes it is caused by simple missfortune. It is however difficult to master the power of chance, so we have to live with that.

Other times it might be the result of a bad decision. We can always try to be smarter, more careful, or more meticulous, but we all can do only so much. That leaves us with the third reason why things go wrong. It is always an asshole. Assholes are the most common reason things go wrong in our society.

Join dancers Michal Heriban and Viktor Konvalinka in this duet about the boorish, the smug, the reckless, the boss ones, the presidential ones, the megalomaniac one, yes all the variants that life might put in your way.

29 April
Skånes Dansteater
From 12 years
50 min
En dansare ligger på golvet vid fötterna av en annan dansare i kostm som sätter på sig solglasögon i ett rökfyllt rum.

An asshole is an asshole precisely because they know how to behave but they refuse to.

—  Aaron James