Liam Francis

DancePod #40: Liam Francis

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Choreographer Liam Francis joins host Kit Brown for a conversation about his background in hip-hop and how he has approached that in the context of contemporary dance. Liam talks about his transition from dancing to choreographing, and about his particular vision for a kind of person-centred leadership in the dance studio.

We talked to Liam on the morning of the premiere of his work ‘Going Steady’. A playful exposé into the relationships and courting rituals of humans and animals made for Skånes Dansteater. In the piece, five dancers make their way through exciting beginnings, sad endings and everything in between, accompanied by a sprinkling of summer jazz.

Liam won the Skånes Dansteater Production Prize in 2022 at RIDCC – Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition. The prize resulted in this commission.

Photo:Jean Louis Fernandez

Liam Francis
Kit Brown, dancer, Skånes Dansteater
Samuel Denton, dancer, Skånes Dansteater
DancePod with Skånes Dansteater Team
Kit Brown, Samuel Denton, Tiemen Stemerding, dancers Skånes Dansteater
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