Bevara rörelse
Bevara rörelse

Introduction to Bevara rörelse


In our introduction film to Preserving Movement, archivist Celine Orman introduces the project and gives examples of the material collected from the work on the dance performance TRANSIT by choreographer Tero Saarinen (2020), and Remind Me I'm Not Dead by choreographer Mari Carrasco (2021).

Participating dancers as well as the audience provide insights into their experience. The film was presented for the first time at Folk och Kultur 2021.

About Bevara rörelse

Dance is fleeting in its very nature. The movement is gone in the same instant as it is created. What remains are its resonating traces within us. 'Bevara Rörelse' (Perpetuate Motion) is a research and archival project documenting people's experiences of dance. A collaboration between Skånes Dansteater and archivist Celine Orman challenging and developing methods for preserving and archiving dance as an artform.

The project consists of interviews with audiences, dancers and creative teams in order to gather experiences, ideas and intentions of a dance work. The interviews with creators and dancers are conducted during the creation of a performance. The interviews with audiences are conducted after they have seen the performance.

Through 'Bevara Rörelse' a more multifacetted archive of contemporary artistic creation. The documentation will be archived in The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden (Musik- och Teaterbiblioteket) , a part of Musikverket (Swedish Performing Arts Agency) and lay the ground for future research and re-stagings.

BEVARA RÖRELSE was supported by The Swedish Arts Council 2020-2023.

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