Dansarna Jure Gostinčar och Emma Välimäki. Fotograf Lina Arvidsson
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Magazine 2024

A magazine all about dance and the people behind our 2024 at Skånes Dansteater!

Skånes Dansteaters magazine 2024 omslag


Power play. Interview with choreographer Anouk van Dijk about dans performance Common Ground.

Small scale, big potential. Interview with choreographer duo Danae & Dionysios about dans performance In Wind or Dust.

A fabulous, dazzling sursprise. Interview with choreographer Gwyn Emberton about dans performance Indigo Flamingo.

A choreographic tapestry with words Interview with choreographer Carl Knif about dans performance Aniara. A co-production with Moomsteatern.

Kiss forces dancers to stay faithful to every movement. Interview with our dancers Jure Gostinčar and Emma Välimäki about Don't, Kiss .Skånes.

The magic is in the spaces. Interview with set and lighting designer Theun Mosk about Domino.

Europe Beyond Access. Interview with project manager Ben Evans about new goals for Europe Beyond Access 2024–2027.

The body is a tool for manifesting the soul. Interview with our dancer Tomáš Červinka.

An open stage where you can move around freely. Interview with Tove Mörkberg and project manager Marie Norrthon about Relaxed performance.

Dreaming of a life in dance. Interview with Carl Peters and Noel Jönsson who dreams about a life as a dancer.

Close encounters with the audience. Interview about the guest performance The Game with Bobbi Lo Produktion and Dance Saturdays at Skånes Dansteater.


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Page header photo: Jure Gostinčar and Emma Välimäki, photographer Lina Arvidsson


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